written by Cody Joe Hodges

Verse 1
The sun was beatin’ down on that Texas blacktop highway
As we made our way north to Tennessee.

Had the windows down, a dark haired beauty beside me
Cotton fields as far as the eyes could see.

The Cotton turned to Ranch land, the ranch land turned to pines,
And before we knew it, the sun was goin’ down.

Broke-down on a back wood highway, I thought… nothings goin’ my way
We were waitin’ for hours on a spare to fix a flat.


But the one thing I learned best… From bein’ broke, tired, and pissed.
Is that nothing’s gonna change the way things are.

Cause the way things are… are the way things oughta be,
I guess they’re meant to be that way…

I’m a traveler on the lost highway of dreams,

I left everything I know, to have a life in the rodeo
Ridin’ this guitar down the road

To ensure my safe, to keep me on the ride,
It ain’t bad bein broke down, when I’ve got an angel to my side.


The Sun was beatin’ down on the Texas Black top highway
We made our way north to Tennessee.

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