You’ll hear a hint of Brazos-bottom dirt in the voice that sets the tone for Cody Joe Hodges’ sound. He’s a “real country" singer who was raised in the honky-tonk and hole in the wall's of Central and East-Central Texas.  He now resides in Nashville, gigs around town and tours nationally with his band year-round.        

           (Banjo - ready to roll)

As an independent artist, Cody Joe is well on his way to finding his place in today's country music world. His last recording, “Roll That Way”, a Bernie Nelson/Rick Huckaby tune (Texas Regional Radio Report - top 30 hit) has become a dancehall favorite, packing the dance floor with many hearing it for the first time.  He also released a patriotic song recently, which connected with fans, “God, Family & Country”.  

 While his sound is more on the traditional side of country music, with recorded originals like ‘Rush’, ‘Hellbent on Loving You’, ‘Reasons’, and his new single, a cover of ‘House of the Rising Sun’, it’s clear to see some of the Red Dirt/Rockin' influence.

He’s released several singles in the last few years and is currently working on a new album of gathered material 

Hodges averages close to 150 shows a year, putting on several thousands of miles, honing his craft and serenading country fans.  Currently traveling across America, he  performs solo & full band shows at various venues, festivals & private events.  



Cody Joe Is currently traveling across America performing solo & full band shows at various venues, festivals & private events.  

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