Poorman's Ph.D
written by Cody Hodges

Verse 1
Rollin’ down the highway, heading home from a show,
3 o’clock on a Saturday morning, just the boy’s and Cody Joe.
Playing all night in a new town, this old road is getting rough,
Sometimes life gets a little crazy, but HEY… that’s what makes you tough.

We’ll play all night, play a little longer, party till’ the cows come home.
It’s a Friday night in the full moon light, turn me loose and let me roam.
You want a guy with money to call you honey; I’m as good as I can be.
I work hard every day, just to make my way on a Poor man’s P.H.D.

Verse 2
For the first few songs I get nervous, just got to close my eyes.
And go back to the farm with my good luck charm, and try to visualize.
There’s a fishing pole in the water, them catfish calling my name,
Grinning out on the stage eyes wide, honey that’s how you play the game.


Verse 3
Some people say I’ll never make it, but I’ll just let um’ think what they want,
I’m gonna live my dream, and pray to god that someday I’ll be number one,
Cause I’ve played for one and I’ve played for none, it’s a thing I love to do,
Just be true to your good heart baby, and it’ll be true to you.


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