Moonlit Flight 
written by: Cody Joe Hodges

Verse 1 
We've been up, we've been down
flown through the sky, crashed to the ground
after all we've been through, baby, we're still alive

when it comes to you and me, why can't we just agree
to say good bye and go our separate ways.

was it meant to be like this, was it meant to be like that?
there's a woman somwhere, who'd love to know where we're at...
if lovin' you is wrong, i'm gonna love you all night long
take my hand, i'll take you on a moonlit flight

Verse 2
Over the trees, the fields are plowed
and the rain is pourin' down
what a wonderful world when we're both left soakin' wett.

As we fly over the brazos lightening bugs begin to pass us
and fill the sky with an heir of southern breeze.