written by: Cody Joe Hodges and Josh Wager

Verse 1
A gulf coast breeze comes blowin' through my window
black clouds fill the sky
Death ain't lookin' for this southern cowboy
he drew hurricane, so this could be his last ride

Verse 2
He tips his hat, they open up the gate
with a gleam in his eye and a grimmace on his face
spurring hard, like he's got nothing left to loose
the devil's given him an offer he can't refuse

Put your hat on straight, hang on tight, don't let go
ride like there's no tomorrow for a helluva show
do what you gotta do and don't get beat
if not, you'll be standing at the bottom... of hurricane's feet.

Verse 3
there was a surge from the south, right after the whistle blew
he had his hand caught up and there was nothing he could do
he saw lightening strike deep within the hurricane's eye
he looked around and knew there was nowhere to hide

Verse 4
His hand came loose as he tumbled to the ground
and time stood still as hurricane's head swept around

some folks say they saw an angel with him that day
as he took his 95 points and walked away