Hell Bent On Loving You


Mama warned me about girls like you

Too much make-up and trashy tattoos...

You walked in, that gleam in your eye

swishing those hips, skirt cut up to your thigh


I knew right then it was trouble from the start

with the twist of your lips, you grabbed my heart...


And I was Hellbent on lovin' you!


I like that voodoo you do

the way you smell and how you move

I knew it from the moment you took me aside

you nibbled my ear and slapped my behind


Girl, I know you're crazy, just can't stand to be apart

But my love for you, is clearly off the charts


And I was hellbent on lovin' you!


You drive me wild when you dance that way

Your body rocking, I can feel what you're sayin’

Then he walked in and stole your attention

You knocked me cold, and drowned him in affection


The moral of the story is that my mama was right

I should have thanked you for the danced, and wished you goodnight


But I was hellbent on lovin’ you!