Boys of the River 
by: Cody Joe Hodges and Tyler Gregg

My friends here in texas enjoy a good time.
It don’t cost much money just to pick up that line
Dancin’ on the sandbar, playin’ volleyball in the sun
I’m surrounded by bikinis, OOOOOOoooo lordy here she comes…

Boys of the river…
Born and bred in the USA
We love to pitch them washers, roll around in the Hay…
Hey Hey… HEY HEY!

Rollin' down that river with a case of cold beer, 
I sit my woman on my lap, so she can steer me clear
dancin' on the john boat, kick back with a little bit of "O" country style
and don't worry bout them popo's, cause them hound dogs couldn't catch Cody Joe if they tried.